At the end of each year

we conduct a customer survey

How do you rate work, qualification, and experience of managers of our company?

Managers share the available information between themselves; Information about cargoes is provided quickly, in a timely manner, It is complete and accurate; Problems are solved together and quickly, professionally, and effectively, optimal decisions are made; The decisions made are implemented perfectly; Managers are concrete, stable, reliable, attentive, skilled communicators, highly qualified, competent, and know their work very well.

How do you rate work, qualification, and experience of drivers of our company?

Accommodating, punctual, drive well, treat clients kindly, everything is done accurately, correctly and in time, drivers are experienced, deliveries are made on time.

What do we do well?

Stability of prices, speed of information, problem-solving (when necessary), flexibility in non-standard situation, being true to your word, pleasant communication, expertise, organized, quick provision of information, advance information about available vehicles planned, organization of transportation, reliable and stable working methods, paperwork, pleasant and friendly communication, client monitoring.

What do you expect from us next year?

Continuation of cooperation, flexibility, comprehension, do not take cargoes via forwarders, but take them directly, more cooperation, more intense work, more vehicles at good prices, high standard of service as in 2014, customer focus, reduction in prices, etc.