Constantly growing fleet of vehicles, close to 300 own vehicles!

Our transportation fleet allows for fulfillment of a great variety of orders. We own more than 100 modern Mercedes Benz, Man, DAF and VOLVO trailer trucks.

The goal of our work is to make sure that cargoes are delivered to their destinations undamaged and by means of such means of transportation, which are the most appropriate in terms of their operating conditions and loading methods.

Curtainsider semi-trailer

capacity 90 m3

Curtainsider semi-trailers are one of the most popular and are considered to be some of the most convenient. When the curtain is moved to one side or the other, the trailer can be loaded faster.


capacity 86 m3

We use refrigerated trailers for quick high quality transportation of perishable goods – vegetables, flowers, fruits, meat, milk, and other products.

Refrigerated trailers are equipped with THERMO KING cooling equipment and food products transportation conditions are controlled by temperature regimemonitoring equipment.

The trailers may carry up to 33 Euro-pallets. The inside temperature may range from -25oC to +25oC. We also have double-deck, double-chamber refrigerators. Refrigerated trailers have thermographs, which allow to control cargo temperature throughout the whole transportation time.

COIL and MEGA liner

COIL capacity 92 m3

MEGA capacity 100 m3

We organize metal rolls and standard cargo transportations with COIL Liner trailers. MEGA Liner trailers are designed for higher and standard cargo transportation.

Standards of our vehicles